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Bought a brand new black/ bright blue (matches the Monacco half leathers as in ZS180) Monogram airbag steering wheel today at a carshow. 50/50 Whether it was ZR or ZS, got it home to find it's a ZS - flamin typical! Anyway it is mint, brand new and ready to fit. Going to cost around £10 to post anyway in UK due to weight, but I'm happy for anyone to come and collect. Alternatively, if you're a ZS180 owner with a ZR wheel drop me a line! I am open to offers as it is no use to me. Don't take the 'P' as I didn't get it free! but very reasonably which is why I was able to take a flyer on it fitting my car

Also fits 45 and I imagine the newer 400s, it is basically a Honda spline so will not fit bubble 200/25 or ZR.

May fit cabriolets/turbos etc but someone will need to confirm if they use the Rover type spline or Honda?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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