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ZS/45/400 Cup Holder (for armrest)

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I've got a spare cupholder from my old ZS which I don't need.

Absolute gem these are, I had my ZS for 2 months before I found this hiding under the seat and prior to this I'd really struggled with putting drinks down.

It holds 2 cans or bottles and a pen! easily holds 2 Large size McDonalds drinks as well (unlike most cupholders)

It fits under the armrest and there's still plenty of room underneath for CD's so has absolutely no impact on storage at all (well none that you'd notice) It just clips in and out so easy to get to whatevers underneath even while driving...not that you'd do that!
I've shamelessly stolen some pictures from google to show you what it looks like:

Apparently it might also fit into the 220 armrest, which some people put in ZR's.

The "hole" it fits into in the armrest is 6" x 4" (15.2cm x 10.1cm) but theres a bit of overlap so you'd get away with a slightly bigger hole.

The actual holder is 4.5" x 7" (11.5cm x 18cm) at its widest and longest and 4" (10.1cm) deep

I'm looking for a paypal of £15, proceeds of which will go to the Help4Heroes charity, as part of the Cinque Ports MG run this weekend (see F/TF forum)

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£15 ready to go

Is cup holder still available £15ready to go, whats your paypal addy? email me plse, thx.
doubt it bud, it was posted almost a year ago!

there are some on ebay though.

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