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ZS 180 performance tuning

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Hi guys.
Do any of you have the RSM 200bhp tuning kit fitted to yr MG's?
If so , how much difference does it make over a std. ZS180?
I don't just want to know about more bhp etc. More interested in driving impressions.......
Looking forward to yr thoughts/comments:D
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I'll be at the Waterman on Sunday in the Touring Car replica which has the RSM stage one. Im sure I can take you for a spin if you want
The main thing regarding our stage one, is the low down pulling power. The std zs does have its downfall below 3500rpm. Our stage one does help in this area, and people have said that they found there cars better on fuel after they had a stage one tune.

Im sure Phil(ultimate racer) will sort some rides out for those genuinely interested.

Im sorry I cant make this Waterman, I will be a Trax with our fleet, including the NEW SUPERCHARGED ZS.

Hope every one will have a great time with Dell.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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