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ZS 180 CAI help needed

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Hi Guys, I have fitted a pipercross CAI to my ZS180.
It was the correct one suggested by the pipercross website, but as usual, i had to do plenty of adjustments and swearing to get it to fit.
I'm quite sure it's reduced my performance as it's position makes it suck hot air in from the radiator. The original pipework was routed under the rad, hence cold air. So i thought, ok i'll get a performance panel filter. For some strange reason they don't seem to be available for the 180?
Therefore i'd love to know if anyone knows of a proper CAI kit that fits the 180 properly and runs down the engine bay to suck in cold air at the bottom. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am losing faith with the so-called "easy fit" CAI kits i've ever used.
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The trend seems to be to mount the cone in the inner wing between the arch liner and the bumper, having first removed the air filter and resonator box. This is done by using bits of hard pipe and silicone hose elbows. I fancied trying it, but still not totally convinced that it won't hoover up water if it's a deep puddle or standing water. HTH
That's interesting,i never considered the water issue. Could cause some serious damage. I might have another look around, all manufacturers claim a "direct fit", my arse! I might consider making a deflector plate to make the air flow away from the cone.
I have the 'in wing' filter fitted... and yea you do have to keep a eye on the puddles but general splash is ok.. its the deep ones that you have to be careful of. its not to hard to do just make sure its as far up in the wing as poss and dont take to much of the plastic wing cover away lol.. I just did the bit at the bottom so the spray from the wheel doesn't afftect it.
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