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zs 180 alarm

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i hope someone can help with this one !
My alarm has been playing up lately , going off when i go out to get in car when i unlock it , not being able to shut it off, turning ignition on and alarm still going off , and best of all , going off whilst driving home from work !!!!!!!!!!!!! . has anyone come across this and if so what was the solution. the car is a mk2 on a 54 plate . i would really appreciate some help .
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Alarm problem

TECHNOZEN is spot on.

This could be the usual fault with the ZS alarm, dampness inside the sounder. The sounder is located under the water expansion tank, remove the expansion tank, disconnect the sounder, take it apart, if there is dry white deposit inside it's got water ingress, dry and clean the inside, re-seal and try again.

In my experience the solution is to get a replacement. I got one from a breakers for £25, bargain!

Hope this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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