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Zr160 ECU in a VI

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Hi ive got a rover 200 vi, gonna get a 160 ecu, what else do i need for the conversion
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The 5AS unit.

Rewiring for the extra sensors you will be missing, plus a lamda emulator.

Why are you going this route? Getting to 160bhp is much easier in other ways.
just seen a cheap 160 ecu on fleabay however i wont bother if its that much faf got a 52mm tb 160 exhaust with decat and a pipercorss vector seems very quick to me but im trying to get a bit more push it up to 160 or maybe beyond. just seen a superchips icon race with the programming lead however its of a 1.4k series from a metro. the guy seems to think as its memms its should be compatible. what do u think stu since uve got one on ure vvc coupe.
cheers mate
Si and I discussed this the other night. Worked out with all the costs its just not worth it, cause the 160 isn't that much faster than a VI. Might as well leave it on ebay. You firstly have to make MEMS3 fit your wiring, which won't be simple as its not plug and play to the mk3 loom. Then you have to get MEMS3 to give a signal to the clocks for the milage (you'd need 160 clocks then). You also need to feed the ECU with a second lambda signal.

Its just too much worth, for little performance gain.
ay i agree unsure about the icon race any ideas
Although a mems2 ECU cna be made to work pretty much like the mems3 unit. It does mean you need the lamda emulator, but can keep the original dials.

Not 100% on exactly how it is done as mine was done for me by some mates at lotus. The processor on mems2 isn't up to loading new maps into it completely like you can with mems3 though. So unless you really have a specific reason for doing it, then don't bother.
Not worth the trouble imho. Mems3 uses a lot of different sensors that you'll also need. When we replaced the engine of my Vi for a Mems3 Trophy engine, we decided to keep Mems2, because rewiring and changing the sensors was to much trouble. We also kept the original inlet manifold with injectors etc, because of this.
Striker said:
We also kept the original inlet manifold with injectors etc, because of this.

That could partially explain why your car develops as much power as it does, earlier mems 2 VVC engines up to circa year 2000 had higher flow injectors, whereas mems 3 160 engines had cylinder heads with better gas flow.

Looks like you've got the best of both.
I learn something about my car everyday :D. I didn't know that, thanks for the information :cool:. That does explain it I guess :p.
Striker what's you output?

Another question i have that somebody may be able to answer is: When fitting the vvc engine (with let's say Mems2) with the R65 box, what happens with the crank sensor in order for the ecu to recognise its input. Would it work if the 1.6 flywheel and sensor is kept? Is the pattern on the back with the flywheel of 1.6 and 1.8 different? If so, does the 1.8 flywheel fit?
rover416si said:
Striker what's you output?
148 bhp at the wheels, so somewhere between 170 and 180bhp at the engine.
nobody has answered my icon race superchips question yet. i do know alot about strikers car tho
The Icon for a non-VVC K-series definately won't fit a VVC as the VVC uses two coils. Did I make up for hijacking your thread now? :D
Sorry for the highjack :) That's a good output striker !!! So what are the differences between the 160vvc and the other one, in terms of sensors, coils etc. Did you just swap all the sensors from you older engine?
spot on thanks for the answer hijack all u want now
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