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zr diesel

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please help... zr diesel started blowing out black smoke today , only when turbo comes in.......
theres a whooshing noise coming from engine when turbo comes in as well,ive been told it may be the intercooler pipes split,but the whooshing sound has been there 1 week prevoius to the black smoke.....

whats up with it help thanks jam
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Sounds like intercooler pipes to me!
hope its intercooler pipes and nothing major...
Get em off and have a gander ;) only two jubile clips each, splits are common but can be tricky to see. Loads of tightly packaged gaffa tape is a good temporary solution.
gonna have a look and take pipes off 2moro,hopefully theres a split...

If you want to do a quick check just go and lift the bonnet with the engine running and press the throttle on (you can do it under the bonnet) to make them expand. If they are hissing and dont expand you have a split.

Cheers, James
I had a split in mine a couple of weeks ago, my temp repair was with a bicycle puncture repair kit, degreased area, roughed it up with sandpaper, then stuck a patch over and job done. Still holding strong so far.
Sounds like intercooler pipes to me!
I also concur, penny to a pound it's them.
right got intercooler pipe off earlier and there were a 3 inch split in it , so off to scrappy 2moro to try and get one......
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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