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"xenon" headlight bulbs - 200 Mrk 3

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Are these and these any good? do they *really* increase brightness? Will they be ok for the plastic headlights?

If not what would you say would be better than standard - dont wanna spend loads, just need one side light and one main beam doing so thought i'd get some decent ones in.

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They seem extrmely cheap ive seen them goin for as much as 70 pound id check with the seller. ive been burnt on e bay before with similar bulbs for my zt, good luck
If they are ok the light they give of is ace looks good on my zt any way.
thats the problem, not sure if they are the real deal and will end up bubbling my headlights!
They should be fine, loadsa people have 'em. The'yre just filled with xenon gas and halogen and give off a colour similar to HID bulbs. They are just HID copies,not quite as bright or as directional, but are tinted to give off a similar colour and are brighter than the standard halogen bulbs. However life is shorter than standard bulbs, a trade off for the extra brigthness.

They produce less heat than their equivalent standard halogen counter parts, so should be Ok with todays modern heat resistant polycarbonate plastic lenses.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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