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wrong side of the equinox

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Doh!... downhill all the way from here, nights now longer than days

I had to abandon this afternoons session working on hesketh - bad light stopped play :(
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Ah, but all the better for our Kiwi and Ausi friends........ (lucky beggers)
I just about managed a roof off drive home before the heavens opened!

At least we have the forum to keep our spirits up during the long winter months :)
I hate when it gets to this time of year, getting dark earlier by the day and such a long time until spring, then the clocks go and change just to give us even less light:shake:
I love the snow in winter, and am proud to be british, but firmly believe I live at least a 1000km too far north of the equator for comfort. Almost all my hobbies and sports rely on good weather and in the UK thats the exception rather than the rule.

I find myself spending increasingly long spells in france and greece each year.... one of these days I may decide to make it permanent.
went to work this morning at 8:30 ...pouring with rain....headlights a must= dark

came home at 6pm....pouring,..headlights a must....dark

Daylight will now only ever be seen at the weekend, when it is inevitably raining/snowing/dark

which means having to take "sickies" if there are any problems with the car

On a plus note, my tin top leaks in heavy rain through the drivers side I don't feel so bad about the F doing it now :lol:
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