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This is bad, pants, terrible and expected???!! Who knows, but my major concern is that PVH call in the recievers for MGR Group and they pick it to pieces and decide that it should be sold as a going concern In walk the China Men, buy it at a reduced rate and walk off with everything.

It matters not a jot that BMW own the Rover name, and indeed the brand names (25,45,75) or that PVH own MG. If PVH can't afford to build the cars there's no point in being nationalist about a name. They will licence it out to SAIC, as will Munich with Rover, and they make some extra cash. In the meantime god knows what happens to Longbridge!

I'm actually VERY angry right now :devil: . Why did MGR spend money importing the crap CityRover and making the MG-SV? I know that these alone would not have saved enough cash to generate a new model, but it would've been cash in the pocket and not on the Administrators list.

Off to kill myself and to put my 25 in storage - might be worth something one day :cus:
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