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Wires in Boot Hinge - 214i S reg

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A while ago alot of the wires snapped in the right hand boot wire hose up by the hindge (the one which seems to cause alot of problems)

However, although i fixed them by soldering the wires back together, the wires won't go back into the hose as they are a little too fat (i think the wires i soldered in were a little too thick). I am thinking of doing it again, to get it spot on.

I know that the wires unplug from the windscreen wiper motor area in the boot lid, but i want to know if there is a connector just past where the wires disappear into the car chassis, and if so how to get to them.

If there is i can take the whole length out and put some new fresh ones in and do a proper job.

If the wires go all the way from the rear wiper motor area to the front of the car i probably will leave it as it is...

It's just that the boot light doesn't work and the light on the dash doesn't come on when the boot is open, and although i have had a look at what i think is the switch in the boot lock mechanism i can't seem to fix it. So i think something is still possibly broken in the wiring...

Any help will be appreciated...

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Working from the tailgate (motors etc), solder on a new length of wire to the old, and make it WAY longer than it needs to be. So long it will go well into the cabin. Use shrink wrap for extra mechanical strength.

Then gently pull the old stuff out from inside the cabin. Cut the old stuff off. Voila, one new cable routed.

Wire it up at both ends, and Bob's your mother's brother.
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