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Wiper problem

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The single wipe (press down on the stalk) has mostly stopped working (most times it doesn't work, sometimes it moves a couple of inches and stops and very occasionly it does work) also the second speed seems both noisier and slower than the first speed!
The intermittant wipe and first speed both seem ok at the moment.
I don't know if anyone can suggest a likely source of the problem... motor/relay/switch stalk?

Thanks for any help...
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I'd place bets with the motor-it's a common fault on Rover 200's & 400's it seems. There's a how to for repairing the motor floating around on the forum but I picked up a good replacement for £20 from a breakers yard. Fitting a new motor takes about 20 minutes.
Thanks for the swift reply...
For anyone else reading this thread - I think I found the 'How to' guide refered to here...
:) an update to this thread, problem solved - but a different method...(sorry about the links, but my attempts to post pictures failed for some reason)

Firstly, the Rover 400 wiper motor is located by 4 x M6 bolts all of which need to be removed & the cover is different, plastic now and no rivets - but bits of casting riveted over instead.

I drilled through these with a 3.2mm drill to suit the self tappers I had, then chiseled off the heads - the next problem was that Rover have also glued the damn thing down and you need a very small screwdriver to get right under to prise it off without breaking it

Then when you have got it off you see that rover have used a star clip with the strength of Satan! - don't even bother trying to get it off - it won't budge!

Go around the other side and just drill it out with a 1/4" or 6.2mm bit.
then prise out the clip & remove the track disc...
In my case the contacts were fine...

so I just cleaned out all the old grease and lightly regreased the tracks.
To reassemble you will need...
2 x M8 plain washers
1 x M6 pan head screw x about 15mm long
1 x M6 plain washer
1 x M6 Nyloc nut

The 2 M8 washers go where the star clip was, the screw is inserted through from this side and the plain washer & nyloc go on top...

otherwise its pretty much a the original guide and dunno why mine packed up because the contacts looked very good - but it all works nicely again now and thats the main thing :)
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Well done....Nice of you to show details too.
Oh...and one last thing take care removing the little balck plastic single piece clips that hold the scuttle plate nearest the engine bay - the robbin' gimboids at my local dealers want £2.16 EACH !!!! AND YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM IN BLOODY 10's :mad:
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