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will MG ZR bumpers fit a 1996 rover 200 2.0 Diesel?

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as said above looking at fitting ZR bumpers, will these fit? if so do they require any mod or is it a bolt off bolt on job?

forgot to say its the hatchback style the same as the ZR.

any input would be greatly appreciated!


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Will not fit at all mate, they are 2 different shapes all together, you would need a 25/ZR front end swap but its too much money and effort !!!

You can make a custom bumper but again its money and effort again !!!
may sounds stupid but might be the wrong model, heres a pic:

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Really? i didn't know that. i thought you'd have to change the lights and the grill and thats all?

Could you cut the light bits out (filler to neaten it up) and fit 200 light to it?
You need to use a ZR Slam panel, or modify and weld a 200 one to fit ZR headlights. And you need to do it properly, else the beam won't be correct and you'll never pass M.O.T.

You'll need both wings (as the bumper is the wrong shape) and they can't be modified to suit with enough strength. You then need the bonnet, and lights, bumper, grill etc.

You're easily looking £600+ including paint to convert the front end of a 200 to a ZR, possibly more.

However, the rear bumper is a straight-swap.
Total wast of money in my oppinion as you can buy a 25 for that kind of money nowdays, plus theres no need too as there are lots of tasty mods you can do to smarten up the 200 front end !!!
yeah but i wanted to fit a color coded streetwise bumper...
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