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There is a very good reason why you may not be able to post your thread in here to sell your car or other bits and pieces.

You can’t sell on the forums unless you are a Supporter or a Temporary Seller. To become a supporter only costs £12 for a whole year or you can buy a £3 pass for 4 weeks that will enable you to advertise in this For Sale section as a Temporary Seller. Details can be found here.

The following is an extract from the forum rules that outlines selling and how to become a supporter:

16) Selling items on these forums

16.1). In order to sell items on these forums you must first be a supporter. Details can be found here. Selling on behalf of others is not allowed.

16.2). Items must NOT be advertised or offered for sale outside the For Sale forum.

Here is a summary of the different supporter levels:

  • Standard
    This is the standard level available to members. It gives you all the benefits of becoming a supporter of this forum detailed in the FAQ page here. The cost for one year is: £12 (US$25 €18 AU$30)

  • Seller
    If you are a NOT a business or selling on behalf of a business and you have some items you wish to sell, this is the option for you. This gives you 4 weeks access to the for sale section. Please note, the standard supporter level has this by default, so you do not need to take out this if you are already a supporter. The cost for 4 weeks access is: £3 (US$5 €3)

You can make a payment on this page here. For any other method of payment please PM SteveChilds directly.

As we don't allow adversing outside the For Sale forum if you do try you will receive a warning or an infraction.

Again, taken from the forum rules:

14) Warning System (Warnings and Infractions)

14.1). We operate a warning system on these forums that is used to advise members should they break the forum rules. We know that most members would not do this intentionally but sadly there will always be those who chose to ignore the rules. The system uses a points system and the more points a member gets the more chance they stand of having their account temporarily inhibited (see para 14.3) or in extreme cases, banned.

14.2). There are two types of notifications:
  • Warning. This is issued for information only and is used to advise the member that they have broken a rule and that no further action will be taken at this time. A record is kept of the warning and should the member repeat the offence they may get an Infraction.

  • Infraction. This is used when either a member repeatedly breaks the forum rules are where it is their first transgression and we know that they were aware of their actions. Under normal circumstances an Infraction will be issued after a Warning. Infractions have expiry dates and when an infraction expires the points are removed from the members infraction point count.
If you receive a warning for trying to sell outside the For Sale forum and subsequently pay to become a Supporter or a Temporary Seller please contact an admin who will be happy to reverse the warning.

If you are in any doubt, contact a member of the moderation team who will be happy to advise or post your question in Website Feedback/Questions.

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