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which hose?

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which hose should get hot at the radiator first on a tf the top or bottom?
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which hose should get hot at the radiator first on a tf the top or bottom?
Bottom hose I would say - heat rises!

On mine it is the hose to the near side of the car i.e. if you stand facing the car, it is the hose to your right. Can't remember for sure if it is top or bottom.

Standing at the front of the car and facing it, the right hand hose gets warm first (nearside) as this is the flow of hot coolant from the engine, it passes through the radiator then flows back to the engine via the left hand hose.
Thanks guys

That's what I thought too, obviously I need to swap the front to rear pipes over, my top hose is getting hot first!. The only thing is they line up perfectly and I can't seem to get enough slack at either end to flip them round! The flow side comes out of the engine nearer to the o/s and seems to marry up and stay on the o/s of the under car pipe all the way to the top hose. So I guess the question is at which end on your cars do they cross over. does it come out of the engine and then go to the n/s steel pipe or is it at the front end??? Cheers in advance people.....
All that is true, unless it has a PRT retro-fitted. Fitting the pressure relief thermostat unit reversed the flow through the radiator on my car.
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No just all standard no prt....
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