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Which Exhaust????

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Right, ive been saving up and now want to get a exhaust but not sure which one to go for, dont want anything to loud but want it to sound nice & sporty.


Double S - App supply Mg owners club? - live & work 2 mins away from them.
Phoneix - again live & work 2 mins away from them.
Mike Satur Quad - Very tempted by this one
Sp - dont know much bout this
Xpower - dont know much bout this
Powerflow - dont know much bout this

Which one should I go for??

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We tested exhausts for MG World magazine (now sadly defunct) in err, 1998 if i recall correctly. Rob Bell has a write up of the day including results on his website, URL coming up...

>> <<

The SP exhaust was manufactured for Stephen Palmer Performance (hence the SP moniker), who stopped making stuff for the F shortly after the tests were done. Miltek were the manufacturers and they now sell the same system under thier own name. Therefore SP Supersports = Miltek Supersports (baring a few more baffles in the silencer and the SP logo etched on the tailpipes). The Miltek systems are available online from...

>> <<
>> << (direct link to exhausts)

You also need to know which system to buy, this is dependant on the age of your F. They changed the design of the exhaust system with the Model Year 2000 (MY2K) facelift of the car, the easiest way to tell if you have a Mark 1, or a MY2K (Mark 2) F is to look at the windscreen surround - if it is gloss black then you have a Mark 1, if it is body coloured then you have a MY2K (Mark 2).

Personally, i have had the following:

SP Supersports = 9/10. Well made, good looking system. Not as adjustable (fit) as it could be, sounds very loud, and is quite high pitched (similar to an F1 wail). Noise is provokable, reasonably loud up to 4500rpm, over 4500rpm it gets much louder (great fun in tunnels, drop it down a cog and floor it to produce a loud bark from the exhaust! :lol: )

MS Daytona = 9.5/10. Very well made, good looking system. Very adjustable from a fit point of view, it is also modular (standard silencer box with interchangeable tailpipe finishers). As with the SP, there is a change in tone / volume at 4500rpm, but the Daytona is a lower pitched grumble rather than a wail. Very impressed with this system and would still have it if it hadn't been damaged in the accident in 2003.

Phoenix = 9/10. Extremely well made (best i've seen) and also very good looking. Is modular like the Daytona and also very adjustable from a fit / alignment point of view. Steel appears to be a better grade than the others too, retaining it's shine and not discolouring at all. However, this system isn't as much fun, being a gradual, linear build in volume throughout, also it is a deep tone, meaning it can become tiring on long journeys. Sounds great from outside the car, but do a couple of hundred miles and you begin to tire of it a bit (well i do anyway). This is the only flaw i can find though and it's a subjective thing anyway.

Given my experiences with them, i'd happily recommend any of the three. :D
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Thanks for all the info, have wondered which one to get for a while now.

Will look into prices and see what the difference is.


mmmm that last link sounds quite nice.

I used to work for Milltek Sport and the "SP" system that you refer to is EXACTLY the same as the Milltek sport system....where did the " extra Baffles" come from?????has anyone ever seen inside this silencer at the baffle arrangement???obviously not!

Pictures of the inside of an SP exhaust.

The SP version is louder than the standard system, i had assumed there was a difference in design inside the silencer box, if this is not the case then i have no idea why there should be a difference in volume, maybe it is age related? They certainly seem to get louder with age and the SPs tend to predate the Miltek branded version.
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BPR160 said:

Why because its an excellent exhaust, lasts for ages, looks good, sounds good, and improves performance!!

or buy an mgf cup (by js) one like mine that is great in so many ways if your not bothered about having one exhaust pipe that works
A list of available exhaust was compiled many years ago, maybe it is still usefull:
The Older the silencer gets, the fibre glass wadding used to dampen the noise will slowly absorb dirt, oil, etc...this will mean that it gets more dense and will not dampen as much noise hence it getting louder as it gets older..If you should cut open an old O.E part,(original equipment), you will probably notice that it has around 6 baffles inside it, resulting in the gasses having to travel further and creating more back pressure and less noise., notice that the milltek part only has 2 baffles inside.
N1ck ok if they are that good why did you get a cup one ? :devil:

Scarlett My Miltek has always been louder than SPs I have heard!!!
Why don't Brown & Gammons listen the Milltek for the TF in their online shop. I doubt that the one for the Mk2 will fit the TF :(
I've sent them an email, but still waiting for the response.

pascal said:
Why don't Brown & Gammons listen the Milltek for the TF in their online shop. I doubt that the one for the Mk2 will fit the TF :(
I've sent them an email, but still waiting for the response.


Pascal, dont hold your breath on a reply from B&G i mailed them 2 years ago about some wheels and iam STILL waiting for a reply ! :cus:

Went and bought some from MGF Centre instead. :flipa:
So that will make an unhappy potential customer leaving B&G. My point of view is, that if they have an online shop with email possibilities, and they don't bother replying, I don't see why I should spend my money at their place. :cus:
Is there another place where I can buy a Milltek online from.


Try here and here is the reply I got from the CH importer...

Sehr geehrter Herr Sutton,

vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an einer Milltek Auspuffanlage.
Wir können Ihnen wie folgt eine Anlage zu Ihrem MGTF 160 anbieten.

Endschalldämpfer (Dual Outlet-Meteor) CHF 810.- inkl MwSt.
Ab Lager Oberhofen.
Lieferfrist ab Bestellung ca. 2-4Wochen.
Endschalldämpfer ist ohne CH-Zulassung, jedoch nicht zu laut.
Für die Montage müssten Sie selber aufkommen da wir in der Regel nur
Wiederverkäufer beliefern. (Jedoch können wir Ihnen den MG ESD direkt
Bezahlung: Vorausskasse oder Versand per Nachnahme.

Gerne verbleiben wir und würden gerne einer Bestellung entgegensehen.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Tranchet Trading
Dominic Tranchet

Tranchet Trading
Import Export
Allmendweg 34A
3653 Oberhofen

Phone ++41 33 243 49 09
Fax ++41 33 243 49 19
e-mail [email protected]

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Tim Sutton [mailto:[email protected]]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2005 10:09
An: [email protected]
Betreff: Milltek Sport Enquiry

Good Morning.

I have got your email from the website.

They state you are my nearest stockist of Milltek exhausts.

Please could you give me your best price for the below. It is for a 2003
MGTF 160

CAT-BACK Dual Outlet

Description Tailpipe Tip Info
Rear Silencer - -
LH Tailpipe Assembly Meteor 76.2mm
RH Tailpipe Assembly Meteor 76.2mm

Pipe Diameter: 50.80mm (2.00")
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Vielen Dank für die Info.

And for those of us that Dont speak Foreign??
BPR160 said:
Scarlett My Miltek has always been louder than SPs I have heard!!!
You need to hear Mark Lucas' set up then. Early SP (pre-dates the etching), de-cat, 4:2:1, PiperX cone directly bolted to the TB. It's the loudest F i've ever heard (and i've heard a few ;) ), Kieron Lacey's set up is similar (just minor details different) and is also at a similar sound level.

Those Essex boys... :eyes:

Both cars should be at Silverstone this year if you are interested in a sound off?
My standard rear silencer is living its last days. I assume that I will have to buy a new one.. There only Miltek and Magnex seller's in turkey.. I've always wanted to buy a daytone but it seems impossible for the moment since the customs,taxes etc will duplicate the cost..

Which one do you advise? Milltek or Magnex.. I'll go to a dealer to see the costs on monday..
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