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Which Exhaust to get?

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This is something iv been looking at for a while and iv heard lots of different positives and negatives.

Im looking for an exhaust, potentially a twin round 3".
I dont want it to be too loud and dirty, like some u hear roaring so loud but not going anywhere!
Just something thats gonna sound nicer but not overpowering.

Any advice on best way to get this? Im terrible with exhausts as u might know but i know what i h8! The problem is you cant ask them to fit it as a test for u to hear! :(
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It would be well worth a chat to Janspeed about this, as I believe from what people have been saying you can pick and choose the tailpipe design and also they will set the sound to how you like it.

I don't know how this works so it would be best to talk to them about it (they also I believe do the official Xpower exhausts so no worry about quality).

I know that if I ever get rid of my current exhaust I will be giving them a call.


I know there is a bod from Janspeed over in forums and if you wish I can pop over there and get his/her email for you.
yeh if you can that'd be great, cheers 4 the info. Sounds like they know what they're doin!
Hi trimmer,

have been out but I have now asked for her contact email address and will await her reply.

But as another suggestion it would perhaps be worth while popping over to and register there as they are currently doing a promotion not sure exactly what it is or anything but alongside that being a member there also gives you some discounts to other places as well.

If you do go over there the person from Janspeeds user is KAFF113, so you could then contact her directly.

Powerflow give you the option of what back box and sound you want, janspeed do a 6x4 slash cut oval or a twin (which i have on my ZR 160).
cheers for the help m8, i'll give it a shot tomorrow or sumtime! :URGOD:
I have a twin tailpipe Janspeed S1 on my BRM and even my Dad (old man) says it still sounds quite pleasant. Great quality too, I've heard some of the other brands are poor.
how much did it cost you? did u get full exhaust, cat back or back box?
I got the full cat back from a shop called 'Roadrunner' in Nottingham for £260.
Site address is, worth shopping around anyway. I think Janspeed sell direct too through their website.
cheers, had a look and seems reasonable!
Powerflow are good too. Reasonable prices, you can choose the design of tailpipe, the sound etc.
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