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wheel spacers

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what do these actually do to the wheel/car?
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As per the name. Space the wheels out.

If they're too big and not hubcentric they can damage the hubs. However when used in conjuction with longer studs etc (as spacing the wheels, you're ultimately losing some of the amount of thread you tighten the nut up on, so longer studs are needed), they are perfectly safe. (On various ZR Rally cars I've built, if you run 15"s coupled with a big brake conversion you usually have to run 5-10mm spacers to clear the calipers).

Also, On the rear wheels, the limit of spacing depends on how strong and long the wheel studs are. As alot of the guys in the Euro/Cleaned scene space their wheels 40mm+ at times to get a wider stance, and just use uprated studs to cope with this.

Spacing wheels also affects wheel camber aswell, thus increasing tire wear.
Potentially make the car unsafe.......
Most, IIRC, screw onto the bolts that you attach your wheels to, making them slightly further apart.

Beaten to it ;)
Potentially make the car unsafe.......
*if just sticking spacers on standard wheel studs etc like most people do. Just to double on what I said in my post. If you get high quality longer wheel studs aswell, it's perfectly safe to do. The majority of the ZR racing (track) cars I've worked with too run spacers on front and rear to help widen the track of the car.
oh ok just i know a few mates that have put them on their cars
I'm planning to put them on the Nova once I get my banded wheels. Hoping to go for 20mm front and 40mm rear. Fortunately it uses wheel bolts rather than studs. So it's as simple as just buying longer bolts :) Whereas if you do it on a 200/25/ZR you have to strip and replace the whole wheel stud.
apparently you can go 3mm without longer hub studs.

If you get some, post up which ones you get, thinking of doing it to mine.
I ran 5mm on my 200 on the front. With no problems, however I did find every few hundred miles the wheels would need re-torquing.
will it make the car look any different or could you not really tell they would be on?
The wheels tuck nicely into the arches on 200/25/ZR's so it's nothing you would visually notice.

Coupled with some wider wheels you would notice it, but the main purpose of spacers is to clear calipers/other compoonents.
Also, if you have lowered the car a stupid amount they help to stop scraping :)
Will also put a greater load on the wheel bearings.
I have 3mm ones on mine, simply for clearance issues I thought I had but didn't :lol: You'll notice the change if it's your car, does add to the look. I wouldn't go any wider than 3mm on standard studs though, as you won't be left with many nut turns.
Also, if you have lowered the car a stupid amount they help to stop scraping :)
i have lowerd mine only 40mm ish and my rear tyres scrape on the arch lip when my dads fat ass is in the car haha

I have 3mm spacers as my tyres are 215 wide so its to be expected haha

Other than that all is good though!

clears the front easy, even when on full lock
well ive only got hairpins on with standard 160 suspension set up on
so would it be any point then?
nope, no point at all mate!

jsut leave as is i sayyy!
ok didnt know if it would give the look of being lower or even give better handling
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