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wheel problem

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i have a rover 25 1.4 impression standard springs etc.

i changed the standard 15" alloys for a set of 16" hairpins and i think they might be rubbing slightly on the plate thing at the bottom of the front springs. on full lock the wheel comes very very close to it aswell. any solutions?
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umm i'd have to go and check pretty sure they are the same as the ones that are on the R15's just the R16 version.

the wheels came off the exact same car.
right my old ones are 185/55/R15
new are 205/50/R16

this is the new wheel with the tyre completely straight.

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I'm sure they should be 205/35/R16's for the reason of scrubbing.

You might get away with them on a 400/45 (which is probably where they have come from).
they came off another 25 1.4 and they guy said he had no problems.
just get some wheel spacers and you should be ok
you'll be fine anyway, they wont touch, the suspension moves with the wheel the gap will stay the same.
Et = ?

What is the value of ET on aluminum wheels. If the offset minus the possible problem.
I had 16" hairpins with 205/50/16 tyres on my Vi and they do rub very slightly.

They touch the bottom of the shocks and the inner wheel arches as well at full lock.

The rubbing is very very minor though, mine were on for about 9 months before I realised with no ill effects.

Solution is spacers or fit smaller tyres, I now run 205/45/16 and these don't touch at all. Only shame is the tyres are actually slightly more expensive as they are less common.

they definately touch i can hear the sound when i turn at full lock. i'll get some wheel spacers, i take it i ony need to put them on the front the back seem fine? or do they need to go on as a set of 4?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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