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What's the other button for?

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Hi folks, Newbie here. Just bought a MY2000 MGF VVC and am slowly learning my way around the car. It came with 2 key fobs with badly worn buttons so it's impossible to see what the symbols on them used to be. According to the handbook, one button is for locking and the other for unlocking, but only the right-hand button on my fobs seems to do anything - locks and unlocks. So, what the hell is the other button for?
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the hand book is correct in its description
one unlocks and the other un locks.
pressing the lock button twice deadlocks the car iirc.
Hi :welcome:

left button unlocks and if the car is already open turns immobilizer off, right button locks the car, if you press the lock button twice in succession it dead locks the car.

On mine you have to be quite close to the car for them to work, or this may sound daft hold the fob against your head, it works...

Edit: must type faster.
Hmm, a mystery - mine doesn't seem to do anything - locking button plips up and down only when I press the right button. Thanks for your replies, I shall try opening it with my head, so to speak (in the garage with no-one watching!)
Sounds like your fob is creamcrackered, Try fitting a new battery, then resynch the fob, also try standing very close to the car and point the fob at your forehead this seems to strengthen the signal. If you still have troubnle, give me a PM we have some spare fobs , I can send you one, then you can take your innards out and put them in it, see if that helps.

Technozen also has a very handy thread on troubleshooting fobs.

Is it deffo the oem fob only as mentioned the one button shouldn't toggle lock and unlock!
Point to note! If you have a 115 1.6 they dont have central locking! its just for the alarm.
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