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What would your ideal MG3 Spec be ?

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Hi All !

Just a bit of fun this, lets say the MG3 is out and you could buld one
to order then what spec would you have ?

Myself personaly am not to sure what engine to go for, my brain says
go for a Diesel but my heart says Petrol, if they did a Diesel with similar
poke to the ZT/75 engine then i'd have that but a 1.8 Turbo Petrol out
of the MG6 would be bags of fun, lots of tuning potential too. ;)

Anyway, my perfect MG3 would be:

Silver with Gunmetal grey Alloys or
Nightfire Red with a black roof and Gloss Black Alloys
3 door
Air Con
No Sunroof
Heated Half Leather
DAB Radio with MP3 interface, Bluetooth Handsfree capable Head Unit
Cruise Control
6 Speed Box
Front Fogs
HID Projector Headlights
LED/Neon Rear Lights (Like the top Spec Focus)
Privacy Glass
Heated Door Mirrors and Washer Jets
Reverse Camera
Full Size Alloy Spare Wheel

What would you have ?

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I know how to tune a k. I'd also rather ask a preschool class than ask king k :lol:

But again I agree with you. Having said that 200bhp has been done in the aftermarket world on the 1.8t for quite a while without failing :)
I know how to tune a k. I'd also rather ask a preschool class than ask king k :lol:

But again I agree with you. Having said that 200bhp has been done in the aftermarket world on the 1.8t for quite a while without failing :)
The other major factor that made the Skoda Fabia vRS such a commercial success was its total costings. Relatively cheap to buy and very cheap to run, it was nevertheless capable of showing a clean pair of heals to much more expensive metal. It was also relatively easy to extract more power from its 1.9 TDI PD engine.

By staying with proven power plants, MG should be able to derive significant economies of scale and so offer the car at a low price that makes it an automatic possibility for anyone wanting a swift set of wheels whilst not breaking the bank buying or running it. It might also help grow a domestic aftermarket tuning community too.

Could we even see such a car give birth to a sporting series similar to Clio Renault Sport series taking to the tracks on the back of such a product?
Having said that 200bhp has been done in the aftermarket world on the 1.8t for quite a while without failing :)

Would be a riot having a 200BHP K in a 3 lol. :lol:
I'm certainly NOT advocating a sporting turbo diesel as diesel power is now fraught with ownership issues what with DPF filter failure etc. it worked for Skoda when emissions rules were not so ludicrous.

i am.

L series powered 3 anyone?

to be fair though. i wouldn't want a modern derv either.

so a 200bhp ish petrol turbo would suffice, preferably with 4wd and a 6 speed box. 4 seats, al la streetwise, large disks all round and 17"minimum wheels.

what we will get.....

The China spec one with a few dash changes, maybe a "hot" version like the suzuki swift, mazda 2 etc, with a 1.4-1.6 with 100bhp if lucky.

I really want one of these, but i'm worried that there going to screw it up.

sorry MG. i'm a Rover man.
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L series powered 3 anyone?

No thanks, modern lower cc Diesels have superior MGP to the L-Series and some have more power, nice modern engine please then let Rover Ron get his thinking cap on to 'improove' it. :broon:
This actually sounds like an ideal fun small car!
To be made available in Trophy Blue, Red and Liquid/Sunspot Yellow
A series of engines (1.5d, 1.6 and 2.0t)
Get some handling tips from Renaultsport or 888 and create a kick ass chassis which loves the bends
Nice range of Alloys
Electric Sunroof
Half Leather, Leather and Recaro Seats available
Aggressive styling for the 'sport' model
Twin exhaust exits like the Clio 200
6 speed gearbox
Limited Slip Diff

Good mpg figures across the engine range
60+ mpg for the diesel and a minimum of 35mpg for a 2.0t
My MG3 would be :

British Racing Green with anthracite (or black) roof and anthracite (NOT black!!!) alloys
3 door
Air Con
No Sunroof
Houndstooth grey and black check cloth sports seats, sports like the Rover 200 coupe (Tomcat) seats.
Piano black lower dashboard Flock type top dashboard, headlining and a/b/c pillars, black seatbelts.
DAB Radio with 8 speakers, mp3 and iphone interface and dock also with a Bluetooth Handsfree Head Unit.
Cruise Control.
120bhp 1.6 petrol engine with a 6 Speed gearbox. Road tax group c ( i think?)
Front Fogs
HID Projector Headlights like my old Calibra used to have!
LED Rear Lights (Like the M3)
Privacy Glass in the rear, a refrigerated glove box....Mmmm cool gloves! :lol:
Heated Door Mirrors and Washer Jets.
Unladen weight of 1.15 tonnes, i.e. car with oil and 25 litres of fuel weighs 1150 kilos max!!!
No bloody airbags!!!!!!!!!! Well ok then one in the steering wheel and one in the dashboard infront of the front passenger seat!
No, i don't intend to crash so i don't need the damn things!

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Flocked dash parts collect dirt bud, i'd just have plain old textured plastic. ;)

Interesting combo though. ;)
For me the MG3 should have:

Dark metallic grey paint
auto box
climate control
speed limiter
CO2 emissions lower than 120
reversing sensors
cup holders that take a travel mug
space saver spare wheel
auto headlights/wipers/dipping rear view mirror
lots of cubbies holes
rear seats that slide to allow flex on boot space or passenger space

Possibly 'Streetwise' version too with eletric motor on rear wheels giving 4wd when necessary
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My ideal 3 would be...

Yellow (similar to sunspot is it..?)
Gunmetal alloys
Low sporty suspension (ie ZR dropped 30/35 sort of height)
Projector HIDs that arent totally chromed..
LED tail lights or the ones that look like neon strips, but not boring old bulbs...
Front fogs
Tinter rear windows
No sunroof
Sharkfin Arial
6 speed with LSD
Discs all around
And a 1.6/1.8 developing a healthy, drivable and relyable 200-250bhp


A modern yellow monaco interor, with matching door carts etc...
Full computer/tv thing in dash like top spec model cars do...
sports steering wheel with yellow trim
air con
Full bose system
keyless entry/start (but with a flip key for me to play with... And just incase of course!)
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