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What is your favourite Monogram colour?

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As the title suggests.

My personal favourites are either Poseidon or Typhoon.

What are yours?
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Orange Grove or whatever its called, but I think I would only have the guts to order in on an SV.... I wish!
I'm for Orange Grove as well, although there are some superb colours around. I saw that bluey-purply-greeny colour on an MG ZS yesterday - it looked stunning.
hmm, that is a tricky question. Personally I quite like Dark Fantasy... although I like most of the monograms. I just wish that Moonshine was a bit more 'in ya face', in most light it looks soo understated.
Those of you who live in Britain and like 'in ya face colours' are to be admired. When I lived there having a motor which outshined the sun was likely to get you a right ****ing beating.

Or at least the loss of a radio.
Cyrrilic (?) I just love this colour that the 5 millionth Rover is finished in :)
Moonshine. No contest.

Although I'm yet to see it in person. :)
Steve said:
Moonshine. No contest.

Although I'm yet to see it in person. :)
Trust me, you will be disapointed. When I was deciding what colour to go for on my new TF Moonshine was near the top of the list, but after seeing the 75 at the Lonbridge visitor centre in that colour it completely put me off. It looks good in photos, but the real life its a real let down.
Hence why I opted for bittersweet instead, which looked stunning :D
Bittersweet is very cool, look forward to seeing some pictures of that when you get it! :)
A selection of Monogram Colours

Sunspot on TF
Orange Grove on ZR
Biomorphic on ZR
Sceptre on ZS
Typhoon on ZT
Ive gotta say Poseidon. Probably because its the colour ive got.
Best monogram colour? I love Lagoon :D Looks sooo nice on a ZT!
Typhoon all the way. The best colour MGR have done since they dropped Amaranth.

If any of you are interested then there are some pics of my new Bittersweet beasty here.
Gotta be Twilight as this is the colour of my ZT :rocker:
I love typhoon :hyper: It's such a cool colour :cool:

A ZR in typhoon is on my wish list!!! :cloud9:
Well, seeing as I'll probably never see the Dark Fantasy 75 Tourer with premium grille I ordered, I'd have to say either Sunspot on the TF or Aurora. I wasn't much of a fan of Aurora until I got this ZT, its simply fantastic, turns from Orange to Red to purple. I'd love to see it on a TF.
Ooooh I like that pink one, is that Sceptre as in ZS the piccy above?

Seen a 75 in it - looks like nothing else on the road :bgrin2:

SMC in Slough had a ZT in there in the pink when I bought my 75. The salesman was saying it was hard to shift the Monogram cars, but I said that if it had had around 6k (it had 32k) on it I'd have seriously considered buying it!! :bgrin:
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