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What have you done to your MGF MGTF today? (Second Part)

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Today have got to remove the failed front pipe.. Dammned thing has broken in the flexi. The outer mesh is fine it is the inner corrogated bit that has failed and this pipe was new in January.

This is the second one to fail like this .............................. first one was the replacemnt on Blue and now the one on the 75th has failed. Obviously cheaply made and the supplier wants it back to inspect as I made a complaint.. of course I have to pay for everything and will not have an exhaust while ths is being done but that does not seem to bother them one little bit.

Anyone have a suggestion where to get a decent 4 bolt flange front pipe that won't fall apart in a ew thousand miles?
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Original first thread on this subject reached forum limit of 162 pages and 3239 posts. Because of that we needed to close original thread and open new one for you to be able to continue posting in it. I called original thread with extension - First Part, while I called this one with extension - Second Part.
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I am so sorry, but statistically you are now free of new accidents. Usualy when one happens, second one happens in some time, and then nothing.

I know this is not confort for you, but if you take it as it had to happen, and now on you can enjoy your car it might be easier...
As many people there is in the world that much opinions and tastes you will have.
I will not speak of others tastes and preferencies, but I will give mine.

In some cases OEM head unit provides touch of class for enthusiasts having exactly the same what car would have when leaving the factory.
In other cases OEM head unit provides peace of mind knowing this head unit will last long knowing that is realy good head unit which will last longer than many todays modern one.
If anybody wants special sound with subwoofer sound or similar OEM head unit will mean nothing to them as they probavly will replace it as soon as it comes from factory with their best head unit with amplifier and subwoofer in the boot or similar.

Each to their own.

From my point of view this particular head unit from above is Blaupunkt and as such it is much better build than many todays head unit. Sound is excellent and if anyone wants to enhance the reproduction with amplifier and additional speakers it can. It can also be added with mp3 player. iPhone or any other smartphone, USB stick or SD card with any music you want.
This is more than enough for me.

I am also driving MGRover cars because of thier build quality, performance, ease of maintenance and reliability. In the meantime I become ethusiast regarding these cars, but that does not change my initial thinking of these cars.

Todays electronics and cars are built to last exactly defined amount of time in order to support consumer disposal habits and buying new models.

I know that might be important for economy but I do not like it and I am much more satisfied with good "old" fashion lasting electronics and cars because I do not see or hear much advantage in any new car or electronic for my taste.

When electronic brings some features I need and they were not available before I will buy it. Unitl them I am more than satisfied with existing ones.
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First point to look at would be engine compartment fuse box to see what has bliown, because I assume something must blow by your description. Depending how good you are with electrics, you have here a lot of info of fuses:
And finished my speaker conversion and door card refurbish! :grin:

I'm fantastically amazed by the job: both musically and estethically.
I've not changed the speaker grills, because I like to leave an original look.
:nopics: you know what you need to do.
You are right :)
I'll do it!

But now is just the OEM door now.
Pics and video then, so we can hear the music!
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hi, maybe you can help me? bought an obd2 today plugged it in and got a list of numbers, I know I need an inlet manifold gasket but can you tell me what these codes mean, please. they are as follows p0455 p0125 p0234 p0299 p0357 p0443 p0736 u1143 u0001 I would be grateful for any help you can give, I have been struggling to get this sorted out now I am at a crossroads as things seem to be getting to me .:frown:
You have a list of codes here as well:
Here you have some information from internet
U1143 U1143 Engine Error Code - U1143 Trouble Code With OBD-II Diagnostic Network (U) Trouble Code |

But I am not convinced these errors have much to do with problem you might have.
I fixed pictures for you ;)
I like the look of those washers!!
My first love, an Opel Manta.
Your memories and yout first love, so why not. That is a great car. Hope you will do and find what you like the most.
Do you care to open project thread here? Under Other cars section, for example?
As said, all the best with your new project, and few pictures would be much appreciated. :broon:
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I'm thinking new batteries just don't seem to last as well as OEM ones.
First, factory fitted, battery in my Rover 600 lasted cca 10 years. Then I replaced it with new, OEM battery which lasted next 10 years. Now I have Varta battery in my R600 but I do not expect to last more then 3 years... 2 years already past...
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Would post a couple of pics but cannot see how this is done from reply to thread page. I can see insert an image but my pics are on my phone!

From reply you need to choose Go Advanced where you will have Manage Attachments. With that you can upload attachments to your post.
Go Ad anced just below this quick post?


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Did the FRL run last night, raised a lot of money and got my TF remapped at the same got to hang out with some great characters and some lovely cars!
Top night!

Are there any pictures on any forum from the event?
I do not mind. Glad you will be staying :broon:
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Ha ha, you might regret asking that matey. As it鈥檚 still very much a work in progress it鈥檚 maybe better to have a read of the project thread on the Opel Manta Owners Club forum?

So if you fancy that, make a cuppa and grab a couple of biscuits and make yourself comfy:

Unfortunately no pictures available for non-members, and membership is not cheap.
Ian, may I suggest to open completely new thread for follow up for your car? You know, in Other cars section?
If you open one, we can transfer all your pictures to it. What you think?

Excellent work done and it deserves its own thread.
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