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What have you done to your MGF MGTF today? (Second Part)

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Today have got to remove the failed front pipe.. Dammned thing has broken in the flexi. The outer mesh is fine it is the inner corrogated bit that has failed and this pipe was new in January.

This is the second one to fail like this .............................. first one was the replacemnt on Blue and now the one on the 75th has failed. Obviously cheaply made and the supplier wants it back to inspect as I made a complaint.. of course I have to pay for everything and will not have an exhaust while ths is being done but that does not seem to bother them one little bit.

Anyone have a suggestion where to get a decent 4 bolt flange front pipe that won't fall apart in a ew thousand miles?
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Cleaned and proofed the soft top. With hindsight this is a job better done before you wash the car!
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Used the Autoglym kit. Cleaner and proofer. The proofer leaves streaks that take a bit of shifting on the windows and paintwork if you don't clean it off pdq. It does say to mask off these areas in the instructions though. The top wasn't that dirty but having just got the car I wanted to proof it before the bad weather starts. Seems ok but obviously too soon to tell.
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Fitted new front pads to my TF. Driver's side no trouble at all, just to lull me into a false sense of security. Passenger side was a right faff. :haha:
New discs and pads on the front. Went easier than I expected. (So something unexpected must be looming).
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Fitted a servo bracing bracket. Gave it a coat of black paint first to make it look like original equipment.
Simple job by MG standards just a few basic tools and a working knowledge of Magnetic Anti Gravity Induction Components, I used the Black version to match the bracket.
It would have been so much easier if the bolts through the air intake / bulkhead had been retained by captive nuts. I could get a spanner underneath to undo them but with the bracket in place it blocks access to the nuts. I thought about inserting the bolts from underneath but I didn't think that looked tidy or OE. Much head scratching and colourful language later it finally went together. Only lost a small amount of blood from the back of my hand catching on the edge of the paper thin cover in the front.
Does it work? Well yes a bit, the pedal is a touch firmer, it's not a huge improvement but I suppose any improvement to the brakes is a good thing.
Worth it? Probably, for the job satisfaction more than anything else.
Would I recommend it. Oh yes, but only if you enjoy a challenge. (I suppose that's a given if you own a TF anyway).

The finished job.

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I had to "modify" the bottom of the servo lugs (as fitted) to make it fit. I agree it would not take much to alter the CNC program for the laser to cut it a bit shorter or put a larger radius on it. If anything it's a bit over engineered anyway so it won't lose any strength. Every little someone says.
In the latest instalment of making the damm thing stop better I have just fitted a big back brake disc kit as produced by William Naylor. Dead easy to fit, straight bolt on job.
Haven't driven it much yet and the new pads will need a bit of bedding in but it all seems very positive.

New and old side by side.



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I fitted the hardtop that I just bought on ebay. It's in great condition and fits well, but despite checking the paint code with the seller it's a slightly different shade of yellow to the rest of the car. It's not much but it is noticeable so I reckon it'll go for a respray before next winter.

There are other bits of bodywork needing a little attention too so it could get expensive!

I was out in it this morning and it certainly gives the car a different feel.
I think that it won't have been weathered as much, mine is also just a slightly different shade (of blue). It would be possible to colour match it to the body if you wanted.
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