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What have you done to your MGF MGTF today? (Second Part)

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Today have got to remove the failed front pipe.. Dammned thing has broken in the flexi. The outer mesh is fine it is the inner corrogated bit that has failed and this pipe was new in January.

This is the second one to fail like this .............................. first one was the replacemnt on Blue and now the one on the 75th has failed. Obviously cheaply made and the supplier wants it back to inspect as I made a complaint.. of course I have to pay for everything and will not have an exhaust while ths is being done but that does not seem to bother them one little bit.

Anyone have a suggestion where to get a decent 4 bolt flange front pipe that won't fall apart in a ew thousand miles?
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It wasn't exactly today but I put my Leon front splitter on a couple of weeks ago, really easy to fit and since I used a right angle chuck attachment and a stubby driver, I managed to fit it without taking off the bumper or even using axle stands!
I never got around from taking a picture of it, but now I have one from last weekends Topless around the Peak District run.

Whom is this Leon fellow you speak of, he who makes splitters for the F pray tell?!

Sorry, been watching Quest for the Holy Grail.
Found this post from the illustrious MG John, good to see he's preaching the virtues of the K series beyond the MG forums!

The £90 MGF ! - Page 5 - Readers' Cars - PistonHeads
Hi All,

Jump starting my MG TF 135 2004 the other day, and rather than start up as normal, it's gone completely unresponsive! No lights, no ignition, no alarm, nothing

Basically me and a friend linked all the cables up, started the booster car (2013 AUDI A5 2.0 TDI - if that's relevant) and began charging, waited 60 seconds or so, turned the ignition in the MG, and BANG, a large spark from the Negative point of the AUDI, and then the MG was completely dead, no power whatsoever.

Dash lights (and alarm!) and all electrics worked prior to the jump start, (but not enough power to start it), and now I don't know what to check, fuses? ECU?

Just looking for any suggestions at this point, save me a trip to a garage! :-D

Thank you!
How's the Audi? It may be that the Audi uses a fast charge alternator and might have been putting out 20+V if the battery was cold. Just start checking the fuses in order. The spark from the audi is unexpected though. Might be an idea to start a separate thread if you still have problems, it'll be more noticable.
Purchased from flea-bay a full set of hydragas spheres with a view to attempting a refill of the gas. I see there are now sellers on ebay offering ready-filled spheres, however if a job's worth doing it's worth mucking up yourself first before going with someone more competent!
Yeah, metal prices have really fallen through the floor. However the upside is I can now get metal kegs for my home-brew for a sensible price rather than the £££ I was having to pay before!
Out of curiosity how much is an engine change?
Also out of curiosity, how much is a transporter?

Anyone got any suggestions on how to remove mortar that's set on the bodywork? Not big lumps, small splatters about 5p size.
Did nowt with mine, but helped a fellow owner fit her hard-top.
She had it in the front garden (!) and with high winds looming she decided that wasn't wise.
Good choice, as it's now blowing a hoolie.
Hope you made it through the winds ok, was breezy even here in the East, imagine you got clobbered on the Western Isles!
Not done much in the way of the F, replaced the front suspension, drop-links and discs / pads on my wife's focus. Then had to refurbish the brake calipers due to the pads sticking.

Been eyeing up the hydragas nitrogen valves on Mike Satur's site though, looks like they could be a winner, certainly worth a go.

Also been watching "project binky" by Bad Obsession motorsport on youtube, an engineering fit a quart into a pint pot (or a 2 litre celica engine into an Austin mini). Awesome project, though they've been at it for 4 years and I wonder if they'll ever get it finished! If anyone can recommend similar vids please mention them here!
I put a Bosch S5 in my f ten (or more years ago). When she was SORNed the battery went in my dads nissan almera. As far as I'm aware it's still there!

When I bought a second hand galaxy 2 years ago, I replaced the battery in it and in the wife's 15 year old focus with Bosch S5's.

For those that the batteries don't seem to last that long, have you tried charging them via a mains charger? Short journeys will eventually drain your battery if it's not getting long enough to re-charge.
Yeah, too cold in Edinburgh for snow, my kids are gutted!

Charged up the Galaxy battery - she only gets out once a week and a relatively short journey. 6 hours it took for the battery to charge, so gives you an idea how low it was. Started no bother after being charged though, despite the cold snap (-4).

I've got a cover on the mgf, £10 from Tesco, hopefully will protect the hood from the worst of the cold as I've not proofed it this year in prep for the colder weather. Next year will be the year she'll be back on the road. Just hope there's nothing majorly structural gone since she's been laid up!
This is a job I am putting off. I need a new Altenator and should really get to grips with doing this. Let me know how you do. I think I might give this job to my local garage. Even though they will charge me a fortune.
Crikey, I completely forgot I need a new alternator. Need to start looking on ebay. Or can I refurb the old one? It's pretty much seized solid, and needs new bearings at the very least.
Looks like the lads at Bad Obsession Motorsport are looking to finish off an MG Xpower SVR as their next project :

They're looking for bits though if anyone is able to help,
Got to love an F in BRG 👍
Hey Ian, just wanted to say I pop into your restoration thread occasionally, hopefully the planets align for you and you're able and enthusiastic to get back to it at some point.
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If you are "not looking forward to the next 3+months" I would try to sell it.
Finally got my MGF off my grandad's drive (been there for a few years under a sheet) and up to a friends workshop.
She's been off the road for about 9 years now

Not looking forwards to the next 3+ months.

Front nearside wing needs a lot of work (maybe a new wing). Panel around the offside air duct needs a lot of work. Panel around nearside air duct needs some work. Boot lid needs a lot of work.
Nearside door hinge pins and bushes need replacing (hopefully). The door drags on the sill. I'll probably change both sides
Bonnet wouldnt open (cable is not moving inside the outer sheath) so I've had to cut the front grill mesh to pull the cable and get the bonnet open.
Fuel pump has seized (posted in another thread), Im looking for advise.
I suspect emissions are going to be an issue. She has a history of failing the MOT on monoxide and hydrocarbons

The alternator had seized but I've freed that up, so thats a bonus

That's all before I get underneath and check the floor, sub frame, bushings, ball joints etc.

Want to get her running (fuel pump) and then in for an MOT station soon to see just how bad it really is
I'm embarking on a similar journey myself, no idea how far I'll get but my car has been off the road a similar time and has similar issues. Had a HGF years ago, never moved since. I'm looking forward to the project, it'll get abandoned eventually when I run out of enthusiasm no doubt but hopefully that will be quite far down the path.
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