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Wet Footwell.

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Hey All,

Today noticed that the car mats were wet in my car. It would seem some water is dripping down on to them (front passenger side).

Anyone have any ideas?

2003 (52) ZG ZS Saloon!


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400s are prone to windscreen leaks. Clear mastic is what I used, dry as a bone now...
Under / behind the glove box SEEMS dry as does the windscreen area!
If you have a sunroof, check that the drain tubes are still intact.
LOL.... A sunroof? HA! Sorry, No!

Could have been my feet BUT I doubt it though..... I diddnt sit in that seat....
Common issue is the pollen filter behind the glovebox gets blocked by leafs and then over flows.

Got to have the glovebox off and then remove the cross bar and open the filter cover.
Has it got A/C? If so check that the drain tube is'nt either blocked or just come off - look at the top of the carpet & you should see it going through the bulkhead.
pop the bonnet and make sure that all the dead leaves and crud have been cleared from the plastic tray thingy thats at the base of the windscreen. this can back up water so that flow into the fan inlet (or some such) and drips onto the fan blades.

Fan blades... Ahh Haa!! I think the fan motor was a TEEENY bit wet....


I'm going to look for leaves!

Ill check all other suggestions.

Yes it does have AC BUT me like a numpty let the gas out when trying to do one of thoese home refill things...! :( So, AC not "working"
pull off the A pillar trim and see itf thats wet, the last spotweld on the roof seam tends to fail, letting in water under the windscreen seal. It then runs down behind the A pillar trim until it soaks under the foam backing of the carpet.

I have a plastic floormat that I have tucked up towards the fan blower motor.

Yesterday it was raining and there was nothing on the floor WHILE I was driving.

Today I come to the car and the mat is wet and it looks like it has been comming down from the bulkhead area.

I have looked outside at the scuttle trim below the windscreen and there seems NOT to be any leaves.... All areas of windshield are dry.

can it be that the water run off pipe is clogged with dirt and grit and that the water is over flowing in to the heater intake?

This is an MG ZS 1.8 120+ 2003 saloon.

Many thanks
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quite possible. Pour some water down there and see if it drains away OK?
There is a good idea, Ag wait, I'm at work....! :(

Where else do they go?

As said, its defo from the motor area behind the glove box. HUGE pudde this morning....! Luckily it all went on the car mat and kep the carpet dry!
the drain goes down behind the wing so a puddle should form down there somewhere.
I meant, does anyone know where else it can / will fail?

Remembering that my floor gets wet from above the glovebox area (dripping from fan motor)

Ok, right. Took the car to a mate this arvo and this is what we did.

  • A Post, Removed the cover ---> DRY
  • Glovebox out and inspect above fan motor ---> Seems dry
  • Outer scuttle trim, well, only managed to lift it and it did have water in but could not see much further.
There is a PIPE coming out under the ABS pump (or in that area) and when we had the hose on the scuttle (down the windscreen) there was nothing coming out of that pipe.

I cant find the outlet for the water in the scuttle area either.

So, whats the pipe i was talking about above? Also, where is this pipe in the wing???? How do we access the areas that need cleaning.? Anyone got pics?

I have a deluge of water on my floor mat on passanger side.!!!
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coming home the other night the wife had a couple of drips of water fall on her feet on the passenger side this was from behind glove box area today when i opened the passenger door i could see moss an crap growing in the wing!! so with a piece of strong copper wire and hose pipe i raked all the crap out and then hosed it out, its amazing just how much there is in there then i hosed the screen done in the n/s corner and even more came out hopefully i`ve cured it, if yours is really bad you may need to take the scuttle off to get at the drain holes and use a metal coat hanger to clear it all out, strangely the drivers side was not affected could this be because of the way the wipers sweep down to the left side?? hth
Ok, Not sure if this means anything BUT

I took the scuttle apart today (What a chore!) and found that there was some sort of sponge seal that goes along the bottom of the windscreen. In part, this was missing under the scuttle / windscreen (more on passanger side). I poured water down the windscreen with the scuttle lifted and noted that water dribbled down in to the air intake... (in to a square hole and what looked to be the motor blades???)

Do we think this is where the leak is???

Also today the heater motor began screaming at every speed. Then the motor struggled to keep its speed then at that moment I lost speed one and two on the dial...... It seems that the motor cooked itslef and then the resistor pack (both now ordered to be repalced.!)

  • Did the water cause the heater motor to burn out do we think?
  • Have I found the leak do we think?
  • Whats the cure? (Silicone under the scuttle??)
Any advice peeps would be great

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