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Welsh Meet, 17/04/05 @ McArthur Glen, Bridgend

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Right here are the details:-

Sunday 17th April, 3 PM

Location: MacArthur Glen Retail Outlet car park, junction 36, M4

If anyone needs anything moving around for this then let us know and we'll sort out the best time for everyone, although we have decided on this date :)

Names below please:-

Matt (Geeza76)
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Matt (geeza76)
Lad i got a photoshoot in margam park **** it's with a cruise site how about changing it to there????

it's gonna be big loads of cars loads of babes lol what u say?

Check it out
Bugger! gonna have to miss this one :( ill be at Pembrey watching the truck racing, maybe next time :)

right, would anyone fancy going to Margam Park instead? :eyes:
i dnt mind where it is really just as long as it aint 2 far away
im up for that as long as us mg rover boys can meet up first go together show em whats what
well looking at the site it appears to be (IMO) full of clarts and tarts (apart from you fecae, natch, you have taste :) )

so I'm not really that fussed on it

plus the Rozzers'll probably be keeping a close eye on us and I wont be able to give rides in the turbo
Im up for the meet but i aint going to margam! :eek:
k we'll keep it as it is :)
I'll toddle up with u Geeza, if u don't mind
i cant see me bein up in time lads :S couse the photoshoot starts at 12ish and im one of the main members of the site like :S damn
well I am assuming we'll be there for a good while, get some grub or whatever :)

If you can come along it'd be great, but I'm sure there'll be more
Sully said:
I'll toddle up with u Geeza, if u don't mind
course I dont mate :)

anyone else :)

TWISTED (possibly)
fecae2000 (if he can make it)

cmon poor showing from the welshies here!
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I might join Twisted in his ride... My Turbo isn't presentable enough just yet, and I wouldn't want anyone laughing at my ****ty Halfords wheel trims LOL
yea count me in
should be a laugh and be there by 3 isnt it?????
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