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Hi kiltedscot and welcome to our forums!

Congratulations on joining our ever growing community of online enthusiasts. We are sure you are going to enjoy being a part of it and details of how the site is broken down can be found here which we hope will help you to get the most out of the site.

The site itself is costly to maintain so we have a supporter scheme. Supporting the forums guarantees its future and also provides members with enhanced benefits.

So what do you get for becoming a supporter? Well, the website has a single level approach to donations as detailed below. (as long as you're not a commercial business - if you are please contact me via email at [email protected].)

Basic Member (i.e. not a supporter)
  • 20 Private Messages (PM’s)
  • Cannot upload pics into gallery
  • Cannot start polls
  • Cannot attach files
  • Cannot post in for sale section
  • Cannot upload an avatar
  • Cannot use a signature
  • Other than that, you can post & reply as you wish (within the rules, naturally!).

Forum Supporter
  • Can start polls
  • Can post in the for sale section*
  • Can use a signature
  • Access to Subscribers Forum
  • Access to the 18+ Forum (need to PM an admin and request access)
  • email address with webmail access
  • 256 PMs
  • 25mb of space in the gallery
  • 5mb Attachment limit
  • Discounts off Car & other Insurance
  • 10% off orders from the XPart Online Shop, on
  • 10% off orders from the forthcoming Merchandise shop
  • 10% off Parts & Labour from Swan Coachworks
  • Discounted trackdays through MGs On Track
  • Discounted postage from Car Audio Direct
  • 5% Discount on small cars, up to 40% on Mondeo size cars, people carriers and vans from Europcar UK
  • 10% Discount off all Pre-booked BCP Airport Carparking
  • 15% Discount from AA Membership
  • 5% & for orders over £65, free PnP on orders from
  • 10% off orders by cheque and 6.5% off orders by paypal from Serious Performance
  • 10% Off bookings with Sea France
  • 5% discount off any purchase from the Classic Car World Tool Shop.
  • 40% off a subscription to Top Gear Magazine
  • Access to comprehensive datasheets on both up to date MG and Rover models, and models of a bygone era.
  • And More coming online all the time !

* As a supporter, only non-trade adverts are allowed in the for sale section. Trade advertisers MUST take out a trade subscription.

Details on how you can become a supporter can be found here.

Remember, to continue enjoying these forums you do not have to become a supporter but as you can see from the list above we feel there are many benefits to becoming one.

Many thanks for registering and we hope to see you posting before long! How about popping along to the Introduce yourself section and tell us a little about yourself. Maybe even post a picture of your car for all to see.

It is important to note that you will not be able to post on the forums until you have replied to the confirmation email you should have received shortly after registering. This contains a confirmation link to confirm that you are who you say you are! Hotmail often treats them as spam, so please check any junk mail folders or spam filters that you have on your account as more often than not you'll find it next to emails about Vigara, killer stock recommendations and winning notifications for lotteries you've never entered! If you haven't received this, you probably have a typo in your email address - please drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll look into it.


Steve Childs & the Staff.
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