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Weird noise from LH suspension

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I have a weird noise coming from the front LH side. It sound like the sound that our bones makes but it's metallic sound (crack).
I have replaced lower ball joint, upper wishbone and CV joint in that side.

Sound can only be heard when I'm reversing and then move front or the opposite. I think it is lounder if i have the steering fully turned.

what can it cause this? i'm trying to finger out what it is.
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I've had a similar noise and it was caused by the main crossmember (the one with the steering rack on) Sometimes it just needs the bolts taking out and greasing but on one the crossmember was fouling the lip on the chassis rail. You would'nt think it would cause a problem, what with it being bolted in, but the body flexes enough to rub & make the noise.
i'm not sure i understand what u mean. Can you please describe what you mean?
O.K. If you look under the car at the front there is a black beam bolted accross the car between the wheels which the lower suspension arms join. There are 3 or 4 vertical bolts each side which hold it on, remove each one and grease the whole length before refitting tightly. Also look around the beam where it touches the body, if it looks like it is touching on the edge gently lever it clear.
Sounds more like a bit of wear in the CV to me?
I have replace the CV 3 weeks ago.
Do you mean the antiroll bar? Or the inner tie rods?
I have just sort this out. It was the hub nut (the 32mm size). Although i had it tighten at 185Nm as per Haynes Manual. It required 1/4 turn more. Glad it wasn't something else.
Thank you all foryour help.
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