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We have not had a meet for ages!!!

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As the title says we have not had a meet for ages, ideas people :)
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Hey mate,

I keep meaning to put up a post about a meet soon! But I get distracted or whatever.

I suggest Sat 14th March?

Maybe do Goodwood again for a change?
I can do 14 March, and Goodwood's good. If not woody.
I can't often do Saturdays but have me as a maybe. I'm more likely to be free sundays.
I will be at POL however!
I'm good for whenever, wherever, may even pull the wifeski along in her zr.
Cool, if people are happy and Ojenkins doesn't mind I'll put down a tentative Saturday 14th March, Goodwood Hill @ 13:00?
Cool, if people are happy and Ojenkins doesn't mind I'll put down a tentative Saturday 14th March, Goodwood Hill @ 13:00?
Sounds good to me..
I was just thinking I haven't been to a meet in a while alas I can't do the 14th its my daughters birthday..... Next one maybe
Sorry mate,

maybe come along to PoL? :)

Ok guys,

We will be holding the meet up at Goodwood, exact location is >Here< at 13:00 on Saturday 14th March.
We can then head on down to The Barn for a meal, or something :)
Nearest postcode is: PO18 0PT (Meet is aprox 500yds to the East)


Please feel free to add the following to your Signature to alert people!

Next South Meet!
14th March, 13:00 @ Goodwood
>Thread here< :)

[B]Next South Meet![/B]
[B]14th March, 13:00 @ [url=]Goodwood[/url][/B]
[url=]>Thread here<[/url] :)




MG-R South

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Maybe throw this on a couple of the facebook groups to round up more interest.
If anyone wants to, feel free! :)

I'm not registered on any of the other forums or on any FB groups!
I did, but I dont think the guy got the jest that this is a different set up people than those attending meets in Southampton.
ive posted events in a couple of groups on facebook! about 20/25 total as a "maybe" attending .
Wow! Thats pretty nuts! :lol:

I'm not sure what state my car will be in. Its currently semi-stripped as I'm hunting a leak! :(
I'm going to try to attend even if it's just for a short while! no guarantees though
Same, shall attend even if it is for a short while, have a very busy day Saturday
Ok, guys! Look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow! :)

Gotta try and sort my car out a bit as its still not 100% currently :(
I sad to say sadly I can't make it now :( got to get some welding done on the other car :( hope you guys have a good one?!
Thanks to all who turned up, was cold but good! :)
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