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Water leak.

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Recently my boot's started leaking water.
It seems to be gathering by where the drain pipes exit the boot on the edges.
Ive sealed the pipes leading to the leakoff bits that exit the body..still leaking.
Any ideas????

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Been covered many times matey, have you checked the rear lights the seal sometimes leaks, have you checked the hinges on your boot they can rust like mad and let water in? also along the roof where the two black strips run the metal underneath can rust and leak when it rains, remove clean and re-fit seal around boot.

These are the typical places that can leak when it rains, when mine used to leak these are the places ive checked on my car in the past and its sorted now... Hope this helps :broon:
Can leak through the mounting bolts for the rear spoiler too. Found that on my dads ZR rally car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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