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Water In My Tail Lights!!!

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I noticed the other day that ive got a nice little swiming pool in my tail lights.
I changed the light clusters for the later type with the clear indicators a couple of months ago, the seal was still intact and the lights have been tightened down enough. The problem is in the tail lights only, indicators and brakelights dont seem to have this problem.
I never had this problem with my original clusters (older orange indicator types)
Ive seen a couple of mk2 200 with the same problem.

I see it that i have a couple of options

1) sillione around any gaps in the lights
2) drill some dranage holes in the bottom of the tail lights

This probably isnt the first time this question has been asked but im sure someone has a simple solution that doesent involve takeing a drill to them or messing them up with sillicon
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I had the same thing with my ZR. are you sure the rubber type seal that sits around the edge of the cluster isn't kinked? When I put mine on the rubber/foam thing wasn't sitting flush against the body work and ended up in me having a pool in the boot and behind the drivers seat. Try opening the boot, holding a lower powered jet of water over the cluster and see where the water is getting in.

Hope that helps.
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