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I have a Rover 620si (log book, though car says 600!!!) P reg and I am looking for a warranty.

I have done some net research and found that covers are for cars under 100 000 miles and less than 10 years old.

My mileage is under 100 000 but has it is P reg it is now 14 years old. Does anyone have a warranty for such a car and where from? Or does anyone know of where I can get a quote for a warranty?

Many thanks

The Teacher
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These warrenties are really just insurance policies that pay out in certain circumstances. Quite often they will write the car off and give you some money. A 14 year old 600, regardless of condition will probably have a book value of no more than £500. In most cases they are not worth the paper they are printed on and certainly not worth it for anything over 10 years old. You'd be better opening a savings account and putting the cash in it for a rainy day.
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XR is spot on .. read the 'exclusion' small print and see what you actually get ?.

Do you maintain car yourself or pay garage ? I have 618i/96/140k - worth £400 if that (vgc) - depreciation is nil - may even appreciate by a few quid !

Again don't know how long you have had the car - a 100k looked after Honda engine
is just running in, can easily make 200k+ maybe more. Keep engine / gearbox oil (not teaching you to suck eggs) in tip top condition and spend money on that (even if you pay garage rates).

My 'mind set' is different - even if I spend/budget £350 p.a. on parts every year this car has never let me down. (I tend to use non-chinesed sourced parts also if poss)
I'm not a trained mechanic however can do most things.

It might end up like Triggers Broom should the engine fail ! lol It will be disposed off when it's reached it's useful life in my case. I'm still on original cat and MOT emissions are so so low still

Hope this helps in your decision ...
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How much is the warrenty?

The cost of it might equal the cost of a repair.

My 600 on 177k so yours has loads of life left in it.

They do like some TLC though, check oil and coolant levels as mentioned, service it when it needs it etc and im sure it will prove a reliable car.

Also wheel archs rust out if mud builds up as they are always wet so its worth clearing them out to avoid a mot fail and tatty car.
if you want one the RAC will do it, think you have to be a member and its about £85 a year
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