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w reg rover 25 ecu probs 80000 on the clock

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was told at the garage (after hed had my car for 10 days )that the ecu was kaputt.he told me to get a new ecu fob etc and hed fit it for 20 quid.all well and good but he said id have to pay another 45 quid to have the bloke come out with his computer to recode it .now my key doesnt have a chip in it so will the car just fire up,if i just swap computers without the other stuff any help appreciated.
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ECU has nothing to do with the keyfob.

I take it your keyfob has stopped working?
if u have the mems 1.1 or what ever it is rather than the mems 3 (the one with out the sensor by the i of the word injection on the manifold i can send u a key barrel ecu alarm module and keys.
sorry mate the computer ecu is nakkered so he told me to get a new ecu could i just replace new 4 old and it will start or does it have to beut on the diagnostics com 4 it to work??? i dunno in not up on these ecu things thanks 4 the reply though
There are two ECU's involved.

The 5AS ecu controls the alarm, immobiliser and central locking, it has the fobs coded to it.

The 5AS is in turn matched to the engine (MEMS) ecu and they share a security code as part of the immobiliser.

You would need to fit a 5AS and MEMS ecu that are already a matched pair, from say a scrap car. If you swap only one item the engine will not run and diagnostic gear will be needed to match them so that it all works.

To be honest it sounds like that garage doesn't know much about this system!
thanks mate ,changed the lot today but still no joy wont start,thought if i changed the ecu computer ist n tried it no joy ,then changed the 5as n fob transponder thing still wont start????? stumped i is lol.does that mean cozz it wont start the diagnostic guys gotta cum out again
no fella the fob was working,they said the ecu was kaputt,bought new and put on today still no joy.thanks btw .changed ecu mems and transponder 4 c/locking all from same car im stumped as what else to try its just had tyres n clutch.had it back 2 days and white smoke from exhaust ,number 2 injector was getting really hot .hence new ecu etc its what the garage told me to do now the injectors cool like the others just wont go ,turns over just no firing???
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