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Vvc engine management light

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The engine management light doesn't light up when the ignition is switched on. I have tried changing the bulb but had no joy

Any ideas?
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MEMS2J doesn't have the ability to drive an engine management light.
What happens if the engine or ecu go into fault? How would I know?

Is it something that's picked up when plugged in for routine servicing?
It would depend on what fails, the ECU can substitute default values for most sensors but this will affect driveability.
Other sensors failing, such as the crank sensor, will result in a non-runner.

As for the fault codes being checked at servicing this would depend on several factors....

..if the garage can be bothered...

..if they have the correct diagnostic equipment..

...if they can decipher the fault codes, earlier ECU's do not have definite P codes as used on EOBD systems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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