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At long last I've finally got round to having a clear-out of the workshop and have the following items for sale:

- Ported and Polished VVC Cylinder head with cam ladder, cam ladder bolts and valves. It was originally polished by Autosprint of Coleshill- there's a weld repair where one the waterways was broken into which was pressure tested at the time and found to be perfectly fine. I bought it as a bit of a punt and it has run perfectly for two years on my VVC race car. We started to see a little blue smoke on the over-run, we believe from the valve stem seals, so the engine was stripped and we've swapped to a DVA head now. The underside of the head shows no signs of indentation, although I'd recommend a good clean and pressure test.

- Standard VVC Cylinder Head with cam ladder- removed from a 1996 200VI with 60,000 miles. Head showed signs of fire-ring indentation but has been skimmed since. I can't vouch for the hardness of the head, but it might make a good cheap replacement for someone. It's pretty much bare otherwise.

- 2 x VVC Exhaust cams, both in good condition

- 2 x Pairs of VVC Inlet and VVC Mechanisms

- 3 x Sets of standard (blue marked) valve springs

- 2 x VVC HCU

- 2 x Standard Pulley sets (including inlet, exhaust and rear balance pulleys)

- 1 x VVC Inlet Shaft

I'm open to any offers (it will all be finding its way into a skip in a few weeks if not) and I'd quite like the space back in the workshop! Although I've been honest with the descriptions, the cylinder heads in particular are a bit of an unknown and my offer expectations are in line with this.

Drop me a PM if anyone's interested in any items and I'll happily get some high res photos- I can sort postage prices depending on where and how you'd like is sent.
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