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vi 200 engine trouble

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I have posted before about this but after realising that the hg had blown i took the car to rover hoping it would also sort this out...
The car has got what the rover mechanic calls a flat spot but i dont know technical terms so i will describe the symtoms. Car idles fine and revs up freely and drives nice under acceleration yet as soon as you lift off the throttle(not just off slowly i mean lift your foot straight off) you get two jerks like you would if you kangaroo when pulling away. It's like it's missfiring for a second but only when you lift off the throttle... Anyway the car is booked in for something called t4 diagnostics on friday but was wondering if you had any ideas of whats wrong. Dont need any more expense after hgf....


car is a 200vi 98reg
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im not sure, but i think it might be normal :confused:, mine does it, with mine its when you put your foot down its like foot down, b-brooom, im sure sum1 wit more knowledge than i do will be along soon
I don't think thats a flat spot mate. I used to restore old bikes and you'd get a flat spot on acceration, normally caused by a worn throttle slide on the carb. Now since your car doesn't have a carb and you say its fine on accelaration I don't think its a flat spot.

I've just tried what you do with my BRM, as they're essentially the same engine, and I can feel a couple of small of jerks. I reckon Its just the clutch being freed from the torque caused accelation. The clutch should have some springs built into it to absorb this force and its these that you can feel acting.
Are you sure it not just the result of engine braking! The K-series has a relatively light flywheel. This means it responds well when you accelerate, but also means the engine trys to slow the revs quicker when lifting off.
No it's not engine braking it's way to much for that.. it's doing my head in though. I suppose it's just gonna have top wait until friday when it's booked in at rover...
VVC should come off throttle nice and smoothly
If I am reading this right ,you say when lifting your foot up or off the throttle completely? It could well be engine mountings that are the problem.

hummm Nice idea i hadn't thought of that one... I will post the results after the test on Friday
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