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Very Porly 600

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I was driving my 620sli (Honda engine) the other night along a dual carriageway all was fine until I went to stop at a roundabout when it died and wouldn't restart. The engine was very hot although didn't show on temp gauge. I towed the car home and tried to start and it did straight away as usual.I have since sorted the cooling problem but have a serious loss of power. i.e. when engine on idle all is fine but when I rev the engine for a while (at standstill) then release power it will not go back to idle and just cuts out.

I have flushed cooling and oil systems and done a compression test and all ok and i am now at a loss of where to look now. Also the fuel supply seems to be ok.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Can you give more info :

Mileage on engine
Any past issues ie how long have you had car , has it done this before ?
What cooling problem have you sorted out ?
Did you drain off as much oil / water at expected ?

What state are the plugs ? (ie golden brown as expected, all the same colour ? ?)
Diz cap / rotor ok ? (mine cracked at 130k - although didn't cause this)

if those ok .. -- then to failed sensor - maybe Temp sensor into ECU (ie not the gauge one)

I assume no engine check light.

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Hi Gordon thanks for response

Mileage approx 130k had for about 4 years never done this before.
The viscous fan wasn't engaging sorted that.
Water/ oil ok as much as I expected
Plugs all ok
Diz cap no problem electronic ignition
All sensors ok

and of course no engine warning light
Did you check for any stored fault codes?

Locate the diagnostic plug in the passenger footwell, bridge the connector with a paper clip, turn the ignition to on (not start), if there is a fault stored the code will be displayed as a series of long and short flashes via the check engine light, 1 long = 10, 1 short = 1, get the code and post it here.

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Hi gordon and Ray

Have checked for fault codes and there is none.

Since last post i have changed the fuel filter and checked the pump works ok.
Also i have cleaned the injectors, rail etc. and cleaned the air system.
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