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Ventilated discs straight swap...?

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Hi folks! My daughter has a MG ZR 1.4 2002, and the brake discs and pads are shocking. I've been sent new discs and pads, but the discs are ventilated, and the ones on the car are solid (262mm)

I probably know the answer, but just wondering, in hope, would the ventilated discs fit without modification?

Thank you.
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You need the correct calipers/carriers to fit the vented disks.

So either fit the correct bits, or get your money back on the disks.

Thanks, Dave - thought as much!
I have had a similar experence. I got sent disks for the wedge 200. I would send the disks back and get them to send you dimpled and grooved (not drilled because they make a rapid popping sound) it shouldn't cost anything (mine didn't)

I fitted drilled and grooved disks and the brakes went from ok to, hit your passangers face on the dashboard.
And you so get used to the sound they make.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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