I’ve taken more or less everything I need from my Rover 25/MG ZR, so it is sat here waiting for the scrap man.

Is there anything anyone needs before it goes off to become a Zanussi? The following aren’t available:
  1. Engine
  2. Gearbox
  3. Wiring loom
  4. ECU
  5. Instrument cluster
  6. Clock
  7. Seats
The rest, such as dashboard, front lights, rear lights, wing mirrors, crash bars, driveshafts, front subframe are available. Even has genuine rubber mats! It also has a rather nice back box for the exhaust which can go too.

If there is anything you need or want please let me know. I’ve a few days before I ring the scrap man so there’s a bit of time. I think a rough price of £20 per item is what I’d like, unless it’s something small and silly but I’m open to offers too.