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Good morning all,

I’m just beginning to learn of a compliance certificate which can be obtained to prove that a vehicle meets the standards to be ULEZ exempt. I have witnessed a couple of success stories with other vehicles which used K series engines. Such as Lotus an Caterhams. Now I’m wondering what could be done for old Rovers.

Here’s the catch, the compliance certificate must be obtained from the vehicle manufacturer. Lotus and Caterham currently still trade. Which rather screws this plan. However on the off chance someone out there knows something or has a connection in a high place. I thought it’s worth discussing.

If the forms can be obtained, I would suggest offering this as perk for paid up members of a Rover club.

There’s a good chance that I’ve most understood what I’ve learned so far and all this could be a load of wibble. Apologies in advance if so.
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