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tyre size...205/45/17 but...

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so done a search on here and that seems too be the recommended size tyre for 17" rims, iv just brought theses wheels

wheel size 17 7j et38 4x100

plan is to get them refurbished in white, but will i bee able too get away with the tyres supplied (215 40 17) and if not why ? too wide ?

also lowered 55mm zr shock and spring setup

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well thay have turned up and tyres seem too be 205/40/17 so rekon ill get away with it, alltho speedo is goin too be slightly out
it's not the overall width of the tyres you need to be looking at, it's the offset, it needs to be under (correct me if i'm wrong) 43mm... which those ones are.
yes the offset is correct but i read some where 215 tyres are not really ideal i was just wondering if i would get away with them...but there 205 soo noo real worrys
215's are likely to rub if they are on the standard MG Straights (which have an offset of 45mm), but they will probably be OK on wheels with an offset of 38mm which places the centre line of the wheel/tyre further out(the MK2 ZS180 11 Spokes are ET 38 also). Rubbage on the arches shouldn't be a problem unless the car is substantially lowered.
ok, so it's 45 offset... i got pretty close though. :lol:
can someone pleeeeease help!!!??
i have 205/45/17's all round that are pretty much past it... will 205/50/17's be ok... even just for a temp fix til my new 45's arrive (just after payday lol)
sorry if this is in the wrong place but kinda need to know... cheers in advance :)
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