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TurboCharger life

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Approxmately how long should a T25 turbo last (on a T16) if oil and filter changes are keep up to date i.e every 12,000 miles or less. i've driven loads of T16 Turbos with about 125,000 miles on them and they are still going strong, but will performance tail off if not looked after, for example exhaust turbine blades and oil seals degrade etc which would casue the turbo take spin up slower or smoke.
Many thanks

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Clean oil is the lifeline of a turbocharger, regular changes will prolong the operational life of it.

Driving style will also have an effect. Allowing the engine to idle for a minute or so after a fast run will allow the turbo to cool down and prevent the oil from carbonising in the bearings due to the terrific heat build up in the turbo after engine shutdown.

There should be little or no dirt build-up on the turbine - if there is, then there is a serious air filtration fault >=( which isn't good news for any turbocharger
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