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turbo questions

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how hard is it to change the turbo?
and how much should i pay for a second hand one?
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Normally it's not a difficult job, removed one today though that was a bit of a battle as every nut and bolt I came across was seized :(

worst offender really is the downpipe, which isn't usually too bad to get off but if you can't raise the car high the amount of swing you can get with a suitably sized ratchet can be limited.
If you are going to change the turbo, apparently the turbo from a 25 is better. Can you confirm Dakta??
It is indeed. There hasn't been any scientific testing of the theory (until now, that's why I've been removing one today, got a ZR unit to go in) but the compressor wheel on the later unit has a more desirable, better flowing trim.

One could suggest this is what (partially or in whole) makes the approx 10-15bhp gap between tuned sdi's and the later L series (135bhp max from an sdi, whereas we can tune the later ones up to about 150).

ZR - Stage 1 Hybrid - SDi (Left to right)

You can see the intermediate half-height fins on the rightmost compressor, they are much less visible on the leftmost unit.
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the 25/45/zr/zs turbo has a better compressor side from what i understand, but without increased fueling i cant see it making any difference bar cleaning up some of the smoke?

You will however require the downpipe from the later cars as the connection flange is different.
Yep you would.

Personally I wouldn't put too much effort into it, but if you're swapping the turbo anyway I'd have a gander for a later unit as it seems to be better.

You can also get away with the stock downpipe if you swap the exhaust housing for the turbo ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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