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After work today I walked up to see my folks, about 4pm, just after the local schools had emptied. Walking up the road I see a couple of girls at my Dad's Merc's bonnet (N reg, his pride and joy) tugging away at the badge.

After a double take I shouted a loud manly OI! and then a further "what the f do you think you're doing blah blah blah". They looked petrified at being caught and then run off, one comically losing a shoe, regathering it, then running off again almost defying her centre of gravity.

They didn't manage to do any damage and I told my folks about it. They brushed it off, it's only £15 to replace the badge (experience of two previous successful attempts).

On the flip side I decided to wonder up to the pub tonight to watch the AC Milan v Man Utd game. I was running late and just before I got there I saw a kid in full liverpool kit and his Dad getting into a car, whilst his other son (in a ManU top) shouted from the house saying it was 1 - 0.

"Who to" said Dad.

"Milan" says second son

"YEEEAHHSSS" screams first son :lol:
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