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traffic master and foglight setup

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traffic master clock in very good condition

Full front foglight setup r25/zr in start silver 2 (mbb) iirc 1 light has 1 broken lug but half of the lug is still there so the screw still holds it
what you get is
2x fogs
2x fog surrounds in the above colour
1x switch
1x relay

Pics will be up later
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Fog light setup sold pending payment
Only a cpl of hours left on this guys
Did you sell the clock?

rich, did you see the date of the original thread? numpty!
Yeah, but it still might not have sold! Some people hoard stuff for ages if they get no bites...

Yes it sold mate and fetched £58 i may add lol
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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