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Torque Settings!

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Can someone please tell me (if they have it) the torque settings for:

Water pump bolts,
Cam carrier bolts
Head bolts (I think 20NM then two 180 degree turns?)
Cambelt tensioner

+ any other useful ones!

Many thanks
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Cam cover - 9Nm
Cam carrier to head - 9nM
Head bolts - 20Nm +180deg +180deg
Cam belt tensioner allen bolt - 45Nm
Cam belt tensioner clamp screw - 25Nm
Cam pulley - 33Nm
Crank pulley - 190Nm?
Oil pump - 9Nm
Sump plug - 42Nm
Water pump - 10Nm
Thermostat housing - 9Nm
How can I stop the engine from turning when doing the crank pulley?

Its no use having it in gear as my clutch is slipping!

Take the starter out and wedge the flywheel or use a flywheel locking tool. Alternatively, use an impact wrench and you probably won't need to lock the flywheel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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