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Yesterday i took part in an intro to sprint day at curborough sprint circuit.
It was nice to take the coupe for a couple of laps round the track, the day basicly consisted of some of the officials taking you through the rules and regs, history, scruteneering then a couple of laps in an instructors car then 2 laps in your own car with an instructor.
I hoped in the instructor who had the ZT-T v6. And blow me despite being a big car and it being auto it is so agile he was chucking it round the corners at speeds i wouldent have thought possible in such a big car!
It was good fun taking the coupe round the track, the tracks just spot on because the speeds you need to be doing round the track are just in the sweet spot on the honda engine.

There wernt any other rovers apart from my dad in the 800 vitess coupe and me in my 200 coupe.
But there was some one going round in a stickered up tf.
Anyone from here?
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