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Hello guys,

I own a Rover Streetwise 2004 which ran 80.000km and has never had the cambelt changed. So I started the project to change cambelt and waterpump myself.

After removing all the necessary parts (RH engine mount and top cambelt cover). I turned the camshaft to its timing position (exhaust-in-exhaust-in) by turning the crankshaft clockwise.
Then I fitted camshaft locking tool (18G 1750). (SEE PICTURE)

I didn't have the flywheel locking tool (18G 1751) but I saw several video's of people putting the car in highest gear with handbrake on and 1 person standing on the brake pedal.

Then I tried to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt but it was on super tight. Upon loosening it I saw the crankshaft pulley move counterclockwise.
Anf after removing the crank pulley I saw that crankshaft gear was not in timing position. ( SEE PICTURE)

Can I fix this by removing cambelt then refitting crankshaft bolt and turning engine clockwise in timing position (keeping camshaft locked as is now) and then refitting cambelt and turning engine over several times to see if everything is in timing???

Please if someone knows help me :)


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