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Timing chain replacement torque settings

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I'm planning to replace the timing chain on my wife's 3 at the next service. I've watched a couple of videos and it looks straight forward. My challenge is getting a list of the torque settings for the various fasteners. I know some people will say the likes of, “just do it up tight” or “use the correct length spanner and you can't go wrong” but I don't think this is good enough.

I've found the following figures:-

phase modulator 70-80 Nm
exhaust sprocket 25 Nm + 45 degrees
sprocket upper guide rail 8-12 Nm
Timing chain tensioner 57-63 Nm

The others that I'm looking for are:-

crankshaft pulley bolt
oil pump sprocket bolt
front cover plate bolts
cam cover bolts
engine mounting bolts

Preferably I'd like to purchase a workshop manual but these don't seem to be available.


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